Thursday, 31 October 2013

74: Blink

WooOOOOooooo.... it's Halloween! Or, to be more accurate, WHOlloween! And to mark the occasion, here's one of the spookier new series Doctor Who stories, reviewed in 50 words...

BLINK (2007, Tenth Doctor, Sally Sparrow & Martha, Doctor Who TV)
Carey Mulligan holds this spooky story up well, proving that a Doctor Who story really doesn't need the Doctor. The story plays with suspense and fear – put simply, it's really scary. But it's funny too. This is one of the best-written episodes of Doctor Who and is directed fantastically. 10/10. 50 words.

by the way, is it me or is this possibly the best ever week for the blog? So far this week there's been three 9/10s and a 10/10, and I've said some nice things about Wizards vs Aliens. Yeah, it's not going to last. Tomorrow and Saturday are some pretty bad stories.

TOMORROW, 2010 Eleventh Doctor audio original "The Hounds of Artemis", reviewed in 50 words...

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