Tuesday, 22 April 2014

214: The Mind Robber

THE MIND ROBBER (1968, Second Doctor, Jamie & Zoe, Doctor Who TV)

Filled with surreal images, excellent sound design and an intriguing example of the show differing from the norm, this makes up for its lack of substance with a fantastically-crafted opening episode, though it continues in a dull way. Troughton’s at his best, though this could’ve been condensed to four episodes. 5/10. 50 words.

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TOMORROW, back to Jago & Litefoot, for some ghosts of the future...

Monday, 21 April 2014

213: The Rings of Akhaten

THE RINGS OF AKHATEN (2013, Eleventh Doctor and Clara, Doctor Who TV)
Clara wanted to see something awesome. And forgetting all the undeserved bad press this episode garnered, it certainly is something awesome. With its breath-taking choral songs, fantastic alien designs, laudable performances all round, triumphant speech and unforgettable sets, this episode is one of the best from recent years. Utterly spectacular. 9/10. 50 words.

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TOMORROW, hold onto your minds...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

212: The Man at the End of the Garden

THE MAN AT THE END OF THE GARDEN (2011, Jago & Litefoot)
Sparkling’s a good word for this. The script sparkles with all the brilliant hallmarks of Jago & Litefoot. There’s very good and convincing acting, a plot that never becomes boring or convoluted, expert direction, and excellent music and sound design from Howard Carter. A strong second story of the series. 9/10. 50 words.

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TOMORROW, what time is it, Mr Wolf?

211: Vincent and the Doctor

VINCENT AND THE DOCTOR (2010, Eleventh Doctor & Amy, Doctor Who TV)
It has to be said: nothing actually happens in Vincent and the Doctor. Oh, I know, it’s a “moral and fascinating picture on a mentally diseased man’s mind” or whatever. Yeah, no, it’s not. This has nice moments – I was tickled by the ending – but all in all, is dull. 3/10. 50 words.

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210: The Curse of Fenric: Movie Version

THE CURSE OF FENRIC: MOVIE VERSION (1989+2003, Seventh Doctor & Ace, Doctor Who TV+DVD)
Brilliant. Extra footage, updated special effects, tighter editing and more music means this is the fullest version of Doctor Who’s most grown-up story, adding a lot of extra drama. Everything just seems more perfect here than in the original, giving a realistic picture of what 80s Who could have been. 10/10. 50 words.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

209: The Curse of Fenric

THE CURSE OF FENRIC (1989, Seventh Doctor & Ace, Doctor Who TV)
Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way – the editing, effects and lighting could be better. That’s it. That’s all the bad stuff. This is a fabulous tale, playing on ideas of morality and the effects of war, with a good cast, wonderful and deep writing, and great direction. 8/10. 50 words.

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TOMORROW, The Curse of Fenric gets another review, but this time it's the 2003 'Movie' version compiled by Mark Ayres. Will it be better, the same or worse?

208: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

GOODBYE, SARAH JANE SMITH (2010, Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde & Rani, SJA TV)
This is a beautiful script that details with memory loss sensitively and well (with Elisabeth Sladen giving one of her most fabulous performances), but of course this is Sarah Jane, so we have a brilliant CGi stomach and Julie Graham being absolutely great as Ruby White. Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith. 9/10. 50 words.

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NEXT, morality, war, undercurrents, suggestive references, blood, vampires, poison, fingernails, bombs, firing squads, babies, coats, cripples, wheelchairs, Germans, subtext and more...