Thursday, 24 October 2013

67: A Town Called Mercy

A TOWN CALLED MERCY (2012, Eleventh Doctor with Amy & Rory, Doctor Who TV)
This is a stylishly shot and directed episode encompassing a real range of emotions. There's bits to make you laugh and cry, some fabulous acting from the regulars, although mediocre acting from all the guests apart from Adrian Scarborough. The locations look gorgeous and the whole thing pulls together marvellously. 9/10. 50 words.

TOMORROW, it's creepy 1975 story The Android Invasion, reviewed in 50 words...
by the way, this is Review 67. Saturday's review will be Review 69, but I have done some thorough checks and I can't find any Doctor Who or Sarah Jane stories explicitly related to sex. Maybe I should review a Torchwood? No, I'll just stick to Sarah Jane and keep those Clyde and Rani thoughts hidden...

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