Monday, 7 October 2013

50: The Auntie Matter

It's post 50, Lady Gaga's revealed her ARTPOP cover extravagaganza, and here's the beginning of our second week of Mary Tamm Fortnight...

THE AUNTIE MATTER (2013, Fourth Doctor and Romana I, Big Finish Audio 4DA)This is the best Big Finish release you could ever want. Mary Tamm, Tom Baker and every single guest star, they're all superb. There's some fantastic laugh-out-loud comedy, and a series of almost farcical events worthy of any PG Wodehouse story. With tremendous writing, performances and music this is faultless. 10/10. 50 words.

TOMORROW, it's The Sands of Life - David Warner, space sea cows and lots of John Leeson!

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