Monday, 30 December 2013

133: Voyage of the Damned

VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (2007, Tenth Doctor & Astrid, Doctor Who TV Xmas)
Doctor Who does a full-on disaster movie! Maybe this story slips into that genre a bit too well, but it’s populated with believable characters and fantastic sets. Kylie Minogue is brilliant. It’s an adrenaline-filled disaster movie that’s really entertaining to watch. Plus, it’s got Duke from Tracy Beaker in it. 8/10. 50 words.

Sorry, forgot to put this up yesterday. Also, on the 'News' page you can find out the schedule for next year's reviews, since I've run out of Wizards vs Aliens and I'm adding some different Doctor Who-related series to the roster.


TOMORROW, 1982 classic Kinda, reviewed in 50 words...

(image credit: BBC)

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