Sunday, 24 November 2013

98: The Day of the Doctor

Welcome, for the first of two days only, to the 100 Word Reviews...

THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR (2013, Doctors 10 & 11, War Doctor, Clara & Rose, Doctor Who TV)
Steven Moffat has finally, after three years of showrunning Doctor Who, delivered a script which I’m immensely happy with. It’s a thing of beauty, full of those moments we never thought we’d see. David Tennant, Matt Smith and John Hurt work so well together. It’s possibly the funniest script for the show by Steven Moffat, and Billie Piper is superb. The script is one that makes nostalgic fans cry. There’s not a single character miscast (I want Osgood to get a spin-off). Zygons! Daleks! Tom Baker! Peter Capaldi! This was definitely the best anniversary treat you could have wished for. 50/10. 100 words.


TOMORROW, An Adventure in Space and Time, reviewed in 100 words...

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